Why register with a doctor?

As part of your application to study in the UK, you will have already paid an Immigration Health Surcharge, so that you are able to access the same health services as a UK resident whilst you are studying. This access includes opportunities to benefit from some vaccinations. To activate your access to those services you have already paid for, you must register with a local doctor in Lincoln.

How to register with a doctor

At BGU, we recommend registering with one of the following two doctors’ surgeries:

The University of Lincoln Health Service (ULHS): www.ulhsonline.co.uk


3 Campus Way




The ULHS is a cross-campus practice which services the University of Nottingham, University of Lincoln, and BGU. The GPs are experienced in treating international students and dealing with student issues (e.g. applications for extenuating circumstances).

Please complete their online registration form, to register with one of their doctors.

ULHS has information about registering with their doctors in different languages (including Chinese and Punjabi): view fact sheets here.

Minster Medical Practice: www.minstermedicalpractice.co.uk

2 Cabourne Court

Cabourne Avenue



The Minster Medical Practice is the nearest doctors’ surgery to the BGU campus, so it is ideal for those students who live on-campus.

To register with Minster Medical Practice, you need to complete this NHS Family Doctor Services Registration Form, and take it to the surgery along with some evidence of your ID and term-time address.