What is the mid-year census?

As a licensed sponsor of overseas students of the Student Route of the UK’s Home Office points-based system, Bishop Grosseteste University has an obligation to keep specific records on the students it sponsors. The mid-year census event is an opportunity to ensure all documents that must be seen by the University are checked and recorded. It is a requirement for BGU to take a photocopy/scan of these documents to retain on your student file, in accordance with the UKVI’s guidance on ensuring compliance in fulfilling its sponsorship duties.

What happens at the mid-year census event?

You will be contacted by the University’s Faculty Administration Office requesting sight of the following documents:

  • Your passport (showing biometric details, visa and date of entry);
  • Your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) or online immigration status;
  • Your Police Registration Certificate (if applicable);
  • Your BGU Student ID card.

You will also be asked to confirm your term-time contact details, including current address (which may require evidence through a tenancy agreement or utility bill), your UK mobile phone number, and a personal email address.

You will be asked to provide this documentation and information by a set date (either a meeting is arranged for an in-person event, or a deadline is given for a virtual event).

This event reoccurs every year for the duration of your studies at BGU.