Going to university is a life changing experience, and we want to make sure parents, carers and students are supported throughout the whole process – especially during these unsettling times.

We know how important you are in helping with your child's university application and guiding them with their student finance decisions. It can be really difficult choosing the right course and the right university – especially if they're the first in the family to go into higher education.

Parents’ information guide

As the parent or guardian of a student considering university, you may be wondering what the next three or four years have in store for your child, and how you can help. You’ll no doubt have an incredibly important role to play when it comes to selecting a university, ranging from financial and emotional support through to a listening ear, taxi services and the occasional laundry service!

This guide is designed to provide you with some of the key information you may need to help support your child through the various stages involved, from decision making to application, exam results day to moving day.

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