Kevin McLaughlin

Kevin joined BGU in September 2017 as a senior lecturer and member of the Computing Team. He has worked in Primary Education for 20 years as a class teacher and has management experience as a member of Senior Leadership Teams and as a Deputy Headteacher. He taught in Spain for eight years and also spent 7 months working as a TEFL educator in Venezuela. During his career, Kevin led the teaching and learning of Computing in every school he taught in and has been recognised for his skills with a various awards such as the Learning Technologist of the Year 2010 from the Association of Learning Technology, as a Google Certified Innovator and Trainer, and an Apple Distinguished Educator. He has also given keynote speeches and presentations around the UK about the effective use of technology to enhance teaching and learning, and his approaches have been published in educational magazines and his ‘Personalised Learning approach’ also formed a chapter of ‘Make Learning Personal’ by Barbara Bray and Kathleen McClaskey. Teaching Kevin mainly works as part of the Teacher Development Undergraduate team but also supports the PGCE course. He contributes to Computing, Critical Thinking, Art, PE and Languages.

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