Dr Emma Clarke

Emma joined Bishop Grosseteste University in 2015 after 17 years as a primary school teacher, where her roles included coordinating maths and ICT. She also undertook work in establishing nurture groups and has had experience in pupil referral units.

Teaching Emma teaches on a range of modules offered on the PGCE, where she is 5 – 11 Cohort Leader, as well as undertaking teaching on the undergraduate, Master's and doctoral programmes. Her teaching interests include managing challenging behaviour, science and maths, as well as research skills.

Emma’s Master's’ degree in Education focused on managing challenging behaviour. Her PhD with the University of Northampton considered how whole school issues and teaching assistants’ personal views affected how they chose to manage behaviour. Emma is particularly interested in creative research methodologies, well-being, approaches to managing behaviour and the wider school workforce. She sits on the editorial board for the journal Support for Learning, peer reviews articles for a number of journals and is a fellow of the Higher Education Academy. She is currently involved in a British Academy funded project on NQT well-being and Covid-19, an ERASMUS+ project investigating well-being for ITT trainees across Europe, and part of an Alternative Provision research network.

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