Dr Jenny Wynn

Having gained a PhD in Human Genetics at the University of Edinburgh, Jenny worked in Biological Sciences research at the Babraham Institute in Cambridge and then in the pharmaceutical industry with AstraZeneca. She trained as a Science teacher in 2001 at the University of Nottingham, following 5 months teaching Science and English as a volunteer in Nepal. Jenny subsequently moved to Lincolnshire to take up a post at North Kesteven School. Quickly taking on the responsibility of Head of Biology in a large Science department, Jenny was one of the first Secondary teachers in Lincolnshire to qualify as a ‘Fast Track Teacher’. Jenny is a champion for ‘Student Voice’ and successfully led a bid for North Kesteven School to become one of the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust Development and Research Deep Learning Hubs for Student Voice. Jenny was appointed to an ‘Assignment Position’ as part of the school’s designation as a Training School. Responsibilities included year 6 to 7 transition and leading a whole-school CPD group researching different aspects of teaching and learning across several departments. Mentoring new teachers and trainees are something that Jenny has always taken pleasure in being involved with. Jenny moved to BGU in 2011, initially as the tutor for the Science PGCE cohort and her role has grown substantially since then. Jenny is currently Course Leader for the Secondary PGCE and responsible for the Secondary Assessment Only route to QTS. Teaching Jenny has a particular interest in the development of the teenage brain and the science of learning. She contributes to many aspects of the PGCE Secondary course, including lesson planning and reflective practice.

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The research was undertaken for the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust Development and Research Deep Learning Hubs for Student Voice looked at the performance impact of fully involving students in school development and curriculum decisions. This work was presented at regional and national conferences. Jenny is currently involved in an international research consortium looking at teacher’s skills and how these develop over time.

Academic support for the North Lincolnshire SCITT Secondary PGCE.

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