Is religion a help or a hindrance to racial equality? Tell us and you could win £250!

The Black Lives Matter movement has developed into a talking point throughout the world and the conversation has exposed deep divisions in society. Is Religion a help or a hindrance when it comes to the issue of racial equality?

With this in mind we are asking for essays of strictly no more than 800 words on the above question. The winner of the competition will receive a £250 cash prize as well as a hardback signed copy of Robert Grosseteste and Theories of Education; the Ordered Human, eds Jack P. Cunningham & Steven Puttick.

Simply fill out the form on this page and we will be in touch with guidance on how to submit your essay for a chance to win!

Why study Theology, Philosophy & Ethics at BGU?

  • This is a forward thinking and issue-led degree which offers you the opportunity to address and debate difficult and sometimes controversial moral, ethical and philosophical issues of our time.
  • You'll have excellent international travel opportunities, such as India and Rome, helping you to boost your employability prospects
  • Get hands-on and explore a wide range of religions, visits religious sites, meet new people and experience a variety of religious cultures through practical methods.
  • Choose your approach to study - undertake a fact-based and objective approach or an approach that allows you to explore a personal faith.

Theology, Philosophy & Ethics at BGU

I like the range of topics that we cover. It’s so broad - we do bits of history, philosophy and ethics, and the social side of things. I love the range of topics we cover and that we have choice in our assignments to study what we want. This means we can really range in on what we’re interested in.

Chloe, Theology, Philosophy & Ethics

What You Will Study in Theology, Philosophy & Ethics

This course offers a different type of Theology and Ethics – we like to think of it as Theology ‘with its sleeves rolled up’. Our hands-on programme will take you beyond the classroom and will open doors that have the potential to change your life and empower you to make a difference to the world you inhabit.

Get ready to look at recent trends in theology alongside the implications of scientific discovery, exploring religious debate together with arguments for atheism and for the existence of God. You won’t stop studying world religions, however. You’ll also explore other key events and issues related to terrorism, race, gender and sexuality. Here at BGU, we have many years’ experience in teaching Religious Studies, Philosophy and Theology. We designed this degree to bring the oldest of academic subjects firmly into the present day – combining the richness of ancient tradition with the relevance and freshness of a 21st-century subject.

Throughout the course you’ll develop your curiosity and fascination about different religious cultures, learning from hands-on experience and developing research skills and critical evaluation skills.

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