Participatory Autism Research (PAR) is overseen at BGU by Dr Clare Lawrence. Clare (called Kate) is the East Midlands Convenor for the Participatory Autism Research Collective, a wider group of individuals interested inresearch about autism that emerges from the autistic community.

For autism research to be regarded as ‘participatory’ it needs to fully involve members of the autistic community at every point: inception, creation, analysis, evaluation and dissemination. This is research that is done by and with autistic people, not on autistic people.

At BGU we value the participatory approach to autism research, and PAR projects are taking place at professional, undergraduate, postgraduate and post-doctoral level. As a participatory research community, we are committed to the principal that the voice of autistic people should be central to all we do. Fundamentally, we are curious to learning more about the autistic experience through listening to and working with autistic people and their allies.

We are keen to share our participatory research through ARCH. If you have been researching an autistic question, identify as autistic yourself and/or have fully involved autistic people in that project, we would be delighted to share your work on this platform.

Some examples of our recent and on-going research projects are given below. If you would like to share your research, please do get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you!


Dr Clare (Kate) Lawrence B.A.(Hons); P.G.C.E; M.A.; PhD; F.H.E.A.
Senior Lecturer in Teacher Development
English Subject Lead
East Midlands Convener for the Participatory Autism Research Collective (PARC)
L.C.C. Autism Champion

Participatory Autism Research Symposium