MOVE has five main areas of expertise that we can offer, by offering these services and working together with the MOVE team we can help you move forward with your journey back into employment.

Careers Advice and Guidance

With the help of an experienced Careers Adviser, we can help you to look at:

  • The world of work and how your skills and experience can fit in to the local labour market
  • Your current career ideas and how to achieve them
  • How to generate areas of interest to explore further
  • What you know about yourself and how these fit in with career ideas
  • Employability and career management skills to help you find work that suits your needs and, if you want, to progress onto higher level positions

We will work with you on a one: one basis and develop an action plan with your agreement with achievable goals.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching gives people the confidence and ability to move forward in a positive way in the areas of their life where they want change.

Coaching sessions usually take the form of conversations between the Coach and Coachee. Progress comes from setting appropriate and achievable goals and then putting them into action, with the Coach looking to motivate the Coachee, and find ways to overcome any barriers or setbacks.

Life Coaching may be used for a wide variety of circumstances, including:

  • Work/Life balance issues
  • Mid Life Crisis
  • Confidence and Low self-esteem
  • Redundancy
  • Moving on from bereavement or divorce
  • Clarification of who you are and what you want from your life
  • Coping with transitions and crossroads in your life.

All Coaching sessions are undertaken in a confidential setting, and are carried out at BGU adhering to the Code of Ethics of the Association for Coaching.

Psychometric testing

On MOVE, we use psychometric tests to help people to find out a little bit more about what kind of a person they are and what potential types of work or learning they may enjoy. For example, personality traits, workplace behaviours and abilities with an aim of helping you to explore a range of potential career areas, see how you match up to preferred roles and identify training and development needs.


If you’re thinking about going self-employed or freelance then why not talk to the BG Futures Enterprise team and see how they can help you gain the skills, confidence and resilience you need to embark on new ventures, spot opportunities and create positive change.

Don’t know where to start? Then ask your Move adviser to refer you to one of the team. Your enterprise adviser will:

  • Listen to your ideas
  • Look at your options with you
  • Put you in touch with other individuals and agencies that may be able to support your next steps
  • Provide you with a business address* to get started in business

*subject to suitability

Personal support

We recognise that for some people, starting the journey back into work can be a long one and sometimes it is difficult to know where to start. Here at BGU, we help you to identify your support needs and the impact they have on your day to day life. We can put you in touch with help and support groups, help work through things at a pace that suits you and factor in any needs into your whole MOVE plan.