MOVE at Bishop Grosseteste University (BGU) is part of the Greater Lincolnshire MOVE project. It is Big Lottery and EU funded and seeks to help people who are not working to get back into employment or to gain a new skill.

The project is funded until December 2022 and can work with those in the area who are finding it difficult to gain employment due to a variety of reasons. The project treats everyone as an individual and therefore, every person’s pathway through the project will be different. From the outset, we will work with you to identify what it is you want to do, help you to look at the steps you might need to take and then be there with you as you put it all into action.

By helping you to explore potential areas of work and develop a plan to get back into employment, many other avenues may open up. These include volunteering, training and education. As part of the project, you can undertake these activities, whilst continuing to work towards the goal of employment. Self – employment is also a possibility for those who would like to explore this route into work.

Helping you to make your MOVE

This begins with an assessment of where you are now, what you already have in terms of experience and skills, any issues or concerns that you may face in getting back to work and how you feel about the challenges ahead. Depending on individual needs, throughout the project, our staff will also support you to develop your self-confidence and decision making; ensure that your wellbeing is at the centre of how we support you; help you to improve your use of IT and other digital formats; help you to get involved in your community.

For more details or to make a referral: please contact the Project team on 01522 583900 or email: click on the contact us link or talk to your Jobcentre Adviser if you have one.

We have been running the project for a few years now and you might like to visit our case studies page to see how we have helped others.

Whilst the project is based at the BGU, we are keen to work with people from all walks of life and current qualification level.

How can MOVE help you?

Outlined below are some of the main areas of expertise that we can offer:

  • Careers Advice and Guidance;
  • Employability Skills;
  • Psychometric testing;
  • Coaching and Mentoring;
  • Business Start-up support;
  • In-depth Personal Support.
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