Are YOU passionate about your industry?

Would YOU like to develop your teaching/training skills, free of charge?

The Specialist Industry Educator Programme takes you, someone with specialist knowledge and experience in your field, and connects you with FE Colleges and training providers so that you can support and develop the skills of Greater Lincolnshire’s future workforce. You would:

  • Receive a FREE 4-day Bishop Grosseteste University-developed training course in teaching and presentation
  • Give practical real-world training to students through masterclasses or short training courses
  • Influence the content of industry-specific training courses to make them more relevant to the world of work
  • Host student and trainer visits to your company, enhancing your company’s positive image to students and stakeholders

Here at Bishop Grosseteste University (BGU), we believe that YOUR experience and knowledge is vital to improve your industry. Rather than re-inventing the wheel, new comers to your industry, can benefit from your wealth of experience, and stand on the shoulders of the giants who have gone before them. Your knowledge and expertise can be passed onto learners, so that they avoid any pitfalls and mistakes, and instead learn the most effective skills that are highly relevant to the workplace.

You’re the ideal person in your industry, with the experience to know what skills would be most useful for future employees to have. Here is your chance to shape the training of your upcoming workforce, so that they have the skills and qualifications to help the industry to develop and excel.

If you’d like to participate in the Specialist Industry Educator Programme, you will take a FREE 4-day teaching/training course, run by BGU, which will give you excellent teaching and training skills, so you can impart your knowledge, with effective presentations, and by communicating clearly and confidently. You will also have the opportunity to deliver Masterclasses at FE Colleges/other training providers, and to host industry site visits.

The emphasis of this project is to ensure that courses are relevant to the workforce, so that Greater Lincolnshire thrives economically, via an appropriately skilled and trained workforce. We need YOUR help as a specialist in your industry to teach FE Colleges/training providers about what students should be trained on, to be ready for the workplace.

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